Kin 235, Wavespell of Blue Eagle , ˝Expand Your Vision ˝





Kin 235, Blue Magnetic Eagle



I unify in order to create
Attracting mind
I seal the output of vision
With the magnetic tone of purpose 

I am guided by my own power doubled. 




In each of us there is an eagle. A spirit that can see and connect with the Higher Spirit of nature and be the one with the planetary vision.


You are the one and you can influence the Earth's unity as a whole. During these 13 days, allow yourself to expand.

To fly.

Open your third eye. In order to fly high, our bodies have to be at ease, so pay attention to your eating habits and physical exercise.


Blue Eagle is a beautiful connection between the Earth and the Sky. It has been and always will be the bridge between these two.

Take some time to ask yourself: how do you see yourself in days to come, how does your vision contribute to the greater whole?


If you are very clear from the start about the things you would like to manifest, these days could bring you answers. Become aware of your thought processes and how those reflect to your current circumstances. This little exercise might show you where is the interference and why your plans are slowed down. 


In the previous Wavespell Of White Wind you've learned how to flow easily, how to fly lighter… now lets fly on the wings of a Blue Eagle. 

The time for new beginnings has come, and before we decide which way to go, it's necessary to be honest with ourselves. Why do we want to take new directions ?


The Archetype of a Blue Eagle is called a Seer.

Become your own Seer, your own Master . How ? First , listen to yourself... This was the lesson we were learning during previous 13 days of White Wind Wavespell …Listen to yourself – and listen as an observer while you are communicating with others, really hear what you are saying , as if you were your own double examine your words…That thing you've just said, is it really what you thought ; how did you express yourself, was it the way you wanted?  Listen, observe…the insights will come…

That is also a moment when a Seer insight in you is being awaken…He knows, he listens, he hears and he understands... He can then be sure of the direction his flight will take and trust his decision…Magnetic Eagle is a holder of a big key ( perfect occult of the day ), so he has the power to always find the solution…He knows he is a creator and a holder of his road, and if difficulties happened , they are just there to teach him how to use the key J





Two more wavespells before one Tzolkin round is done... make the best of it!